To keep your Ward machine running in perfect condition we offer continuous support - for as long as you are running your machine we will support it.


All parts on every piece of Ward equipment are available. Whether a simple consumable or major element of the machine, we will make or source any and every part you require. In addition, we can help you establish a replacement parts inventory management system to ensure fast repairs and near 100% uptime for remotely located machinery.
Maintenance and operators manuals are also available for all equipment.

Customer Service

From friendly phone support (for as long as you use the machine) to onsite training and commissioning, we can custom tailor a support program to meet all your needs. Please call or email and tell us how we can help.

Rebuilds and Refurbishment

Sometimes after years of hard industrial use even a Ward piece of equipment requires a major overhaul. You can return the equipment to us for factory rebuild. The machine is entirely reconditioned and released with a new factory warranty.


All of our equipment comes with a limited 1 year warranty, subject to our standard terms.

Leasing and Rentals

We strive to make all our equipment available on both a rental and lease basis, subject to our standard terms and availability. If you have a short term requirement, or find it more convenient to lease rather than undergo capital budget approvals please contact us to discuss appropriate programs.