That Have the Power to Move Mountains™ 3 to 300 HP


Our heavy duty, all purpose, standard and custom-built MAX VACs incorporate the latest technologies in vacuuming equipment. They are designed to handle your easiest as well as most demanding jobs in the quickest and best possible way. MAX VACs are proven and well known to the industry worldwide as extremely powerful, versatile, reliable and low maintenance vacuums that can be purchased at very affordable prices.

Unlike other vacuum systems that require frequent servicing which causes vacuum downtime and high maintenance costs for material and labour, a MAX VAC vacuum will save you time and money because it gives you more productivity from your operators by focusing on reliability, efficiency, simplicity and near maintenance-free functions in operation. Our technology is second to none.

This level of excellence in performance never comes by chance, but only by design. Because no matter how small the job, performance is of the highest priority. No other vacuum system can “outperform” a MAX VAC.


Max Vac units are successfully in a variety of different applications, vacuuming a variety of materials wet or dry.
  • General Plant Clean-up
  • Material Recovery
  • Bin Loading / Unloading
  • Environmental
  • Central Manifold Systems
  • Scaling / Batching
  • Spills
  • Bulk Loading / Unloading
  • Machining & Milling
  • Belt Loading & Spillage Clean-up
  • Dump Truck Loading
  • Roof Pea Gravel Removal
  • Hazard Clean-up
  • All Process Pneumatic Vacuum / Pressure Systems
  • Hydro-Blast Water & Slurry Removal and Recycling
  • Low Headroom Mining
  • High-Temperature Materials
  • Special Engineered Application
  • Plus many more


All MAX VAC® Vacuum Pneumatic Conveying Systems are low maintenance, easy to use and exceptionally reliable.
  • Simplicity of design. Minimal moving parts and no multiple complex internal compartments and compartment valves avoid mechanical breakdowns and plug-ups.
  • Designed and constructed for continuous heavy-duty use. We guarantee our MAX VAC to be the most dependable industrial vacuuming and pneumatic conveying systems on the market.
  • Superior material separation and filtration circuit features our exclusive MAXcartridge Filters™ and SILENCER BASE® Muffler. We do not use the insufficient tubular filter bag-type system.
  • Exclusive MAX VAC Laterally Offset Cyclonic Separation Circuit extends the life of the MAXcartridge Filters™ by providing:
    • Minimal material carryover to the filtration compartments.
    • Minimal material contact with the MAXcartridge Filters™.
    • Automatic reverse air-pulse cleaning of each MAXcartridge Filter™ allows for continuous vacuuming without vacuum shutdown.


AK Series

Handles up to 12 tons per hour of any wet or dry material. It is our compact, versatile cleaner / loader specifically designed for smaller volume applications requiring up to 4” diameter hose size. It has the identical separation and filtration circuit, high suction power, ruggedness, ease-of-use and maintenance free features as our larger units.

MV Series

Our Heavy duty, all purpose vacuum cleaner / loader is ideal for moderate volume material collection applications that require up to 5” diameter hose size. Units are available in portable, stationary and custom central turnkey installed manifold models and are designed to handle your easiest as well as your most demanding jobs.

XR Series

Our ruggedly constructed vacuum cleaner / loader is designed for long distance vacuuming applications and extremely high conveying rates requiring up to 14” diameter hose size. Diesel units are also available.

Ward also offers Rental Units with the option to buy. Contact us for details.